Top ten tips - your guide to becoming a better online casino player

Top Tips Online

Whether you're a first-time gambler or a seasoned pro, improving your game play, your skill set and your enjoyment of online casino gaming will always be a top priority for you. Over their years as players, and now as casino experts, our team of online gambling professionals have found themselves giving the answer to the same question over and over - "How do I become a better gambler?" As it turns out, it's a question with more than one answer which is why our team has put together a series of tips designed to give you the solutions you're looking for.

  1. Look for the best bonuses. As any online casino player will tell you, the only thing better than playing is winning - and that's exactly what you'll be doing the minute you open a real money account and claim your welcome bonus! Don't be tempted to go for the first bonus you see though you might find a more rewarding one simply by shopping around. Whether you prefer free spins, no deposit, match or tiered bonuses, you'll find a huge selection at our approved South African online casinos. Simply choose the one that gives you the best returns, and kick your casino journey off in winning style.
  2. Play at a trusted site. Choosing the right online casino to play with is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a player, and as such, you need to ensure that your gaming site of choice is licensed, regularly audited, fair and reputable. If not, you could run the risk of being scammed, or having your personal or financial details compromised. All top regulated casinos will have their certification and licensing displayed prominently on their home page, so make sure to check for the right credentials and trust cues before signing up or simply take one of our recommendations for a fully approved and reviewed site you can count on.
  3. Manage your bankroll. It's one of the number one rules when it comes to gambling, both online and offline. Never play with more than you can afford to spend. In order to enjoy your gambling to the full, and manage your money responsibly, set yourself a certain wagering or deposit limit for each gaming session, and stop playing when that limit is reached.
  4. Don't chase losses. This goes hand-in-hand with managing your bankroll, and can be a tempting strategy if you're out of funds, but still feeling lucky. Our recommendation however? Never chase your losses, no matter how tantalising the idea may be. If you're out of money for a particular gambling session, never try to win your money back with bigger bets. You'll only find yourself on a slippery slope to irresponsible gaming and gambling addiction.
  5. Understand the gambler's fallacy. Let's say you're at a roulette table, and the colour red has come up five times in a row. It would make sense then that black would come up next right? Because red surely couldn't come up for a sixth time! Congratulations - you've just experienced what's known in gaming circles as "the gambler's fallacy", a belief that the probability of an outcome will change over time, when in fact previous events have no bearing on future events whatsoever. No matter how many times red comes up in a row on a roulette table, or how many times heads comes up on a coin, there's the same probability that red, or heads, will come up the next time as well. Understanding this will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  6. Don't drink and gamble. It's an obvious tip, but one that has to be mentioned, given the effects of alcohol on a player's focus, judgment and concentration. Informed gambling decisions are best made when players are sober and thinking clearly particularly if there's any level of skill or strategy involved. So give yourself the best chance of winning and play sober in order to play smart.
  7. Choose the right game. If you're looking to get the most from your online gaming experience, choosing the right game is key. For fun and games, slots are always a popular pick; for serious winning, table games are a better choice. The reason why? With table games, there's always a chance you could be a winner, given the right strategy and choices. With slots, given their random nature, there's no guarantee the next spin could bring you the winnings you're looking for however it's a huge amount of fun to try!
  8. Take regular breaks. It may not be something that's occurred to you in the past, but taking regular breaks could help you increase your chances of winning in the long run. Stepping away from a game that you've been playing for a while can help you stay focused and boost your concentration levels so whenever you feel yourself becoming tired or fatigued, simply take a short break in order to reenergise.
  9. Take part in regular promotions. Online casino promotions can be a great way to boost your bankroll if you remember to play them that is. Most top South African casinos run regular gaming promotions for their existing players, usually with fantastic prizes like cash, casino credits, free spins, or even cars or holidays too. Make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning by keeping an eye out on your gaming website for upcoming promotions.
  10. Keep an eye on progressive jackpots. If you want to win the big bucks, there's only one way to play and that's the progressive way! By placing bets on your online casino's top paying progressive slots and games, you'll give yourself the best chance of walking away with a life-changing jackpot, not to mention the total prize amount will increase with every wager you make.

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