Live Dealer Roulette - The SA player’s guide

Live Dealer Roulette

As far as games of chance go, roulette is way up there as one of the most exciting ones. Who hasn’t been to a land-based casino or seen movies where a player is cheered on by a huge crowd of people as he/she wins bet after bet? The thrill of the player going up against the croupier is part of the excitement of roulette, but unfortunately not something that any casino online has been able to replicate. Until now.

Live dealer South Africa online casino roulette has taken the gaming world by storm by adding a whole new dimension of fun and excitement. To learn more, keep reading as we discuss

  • How to play live dealer roulette
  • The different types of roulette you can choose from
  • What the best bets are
  • How you can employ a winning beginner’s strategy
  • And where you can find the best sites to play

The Top Online South African Casinos 2021

# 1

Springbok Casino

The highest payout percentage of any SA casino!

Deposit Options

Compatible Devices

Springbok Casino logo

UP TO R11,500


Reasons why

  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Payout Average of 98.89%
  • 200+ games available
  • 8 different banking methods on offer
# 2

Thunderbolt Casino

One of very few RTG casinos available to South African players!

Deposit Options

Compatible Devices

Thunderbolt Casino logo

UP TO R10,000


Reasons why

  • 200+ casino games on offer
  • Variable bonuses for use on slots, blackjack or video poker
  • Plenty of banking options for SA players
  • Three different platforms – download, Flash and mobile
# 3

Yebo Casino

50 free spins included with all welcome bonuses!

Deposit Options

Compatible Devices

Yebo Casino logo

UP TO R9,000


Reasons why

  • Features 150+ games, with over 100 slots titles
  • Large welcome bonus spread across first three deposits
  • Mobile casino also available
  • One of the newest online casinos targeting South African players
# 4

Fiz Casino

Offers the largest percentage match bonus for South Africans

Deposit Options

Compatible Devices

Fiz Casino logo

UP TO R6,000


Reasons why

  • Has an impressive range of modern and 3D slots
  • Support available via live chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Massive 400% welcome bonus
  • Live dealer casino also available
# 5

Silversands Casino

Up to R20 million worth of active jackpots at any time

Deposit Options

Compatible Devices

Silversands Casino logo

UP TO R8,888


Reasons why

  • Very respectable R8,888 bonus
  • Hosts slots tournaments and various daily promotions
  • Boasts a huge 9 progressive jackpot titles
  • 8 or so different deposit options

How to play

Playing at an online South Africa roulette casino is exactly the same in terms of buying chips and placing bets as in traditional casino online roulette. However, that’s where the similarity ends.

Instead of pressing the ‘spin’ button and waiting for the virtual wheel to determine your fate like in regular South Africa casino roulette, you can now see the real-life croupier spinning an actual roulette wheel. You’ll also see the croupier calling no more bets and watching along with you where the ball stops on the wheel. It’s the closest thing you can get to playing a real money roulette game at a land-based casino without leaving the comfort of your home.

What are the different types of roulette?

There are two types of casino online roulette, American and European, with the difference lying in how the wheels are divided. The European version is divided into 37 slots, has a single zero and has a house advantage of 2.7%. The American version has an extra space in the double zero slot and a 5.26% house advantage. So a real cash bet on a European wheel will give you 37 to 1 odds on hitting a single number straight up, and 38 to 1 odds on the American version.

What are the best bets?

Good practice when you’re playing real cash South Africa casino roulette is to stick with ‘even money’ bets. This means placing bets whose odds almost mirror their payouts. For instance, betting on Even, Odd, Low (numbers 1 to 18), High (numbers 19 to 36), Red or Black all pay out at 1 to 1.

South Africa online casino roulette pros believe that if you’re new to playing real money roulette, you should avoid single number bets, as well as the five number bet, which is only found on double zero wheels, since these types of bets have the largest difference between the true odds and the actual payouts.

Tips for a winning beginner’s strategy

If it’s your first time at an online South Africa roulette casino, choose a roulette table with lower betting limits. This way, you get to play for longer without breaking your budget. If you can find a South African casino online that offers a European wheel, rather choose that, as it has better odds than the American version.

More good advice for South African beginners is to stick to the table minimum and play only the outside bets. For example, bet on either red or black for each spin. Smart SA players know that this type of outside bet pays 1 to 1 and covers 18 of the 38 possible combinations.

Where you can find the best sites to play

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what it’s all about, you’ve only got one more thing to worry about, and that’s choosing the best online roulette site in South Africa. Fortunately we don’t just offer nifty tricks and tips to help you with your game play, we also offer a comprehensive and well-researched list of the top live dealer online roulette sites in South Africa. All you have to do is have a look at our list here, choose one of our trusted sites and start spinning and winning! Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does live dealer roulette work?

Playing live dealer roulette is similar to playing in a casino with a croupier. You place bets and you spin the wheel. Just as if you were sitting in an actual casino, you will see the croupier spin the wheel and call for no more bets.

Where can I find it?

To find the top casinos for playing live dealer roulette in South Africa, go to Our website lists top online casinos and even provides reviews and ratings.

How does it compare to standard roulette?

Playing roulette with a live dealer is nearly the same when it comes to buying chips and placing bets. However, instead of using a virtual wheel to determine fate, a real-life croupier is shown spinning the roulette wheel. The croupier is also involved in every other aspect of the game.

Can I use a strategy?

Yes. If you are a beginner playing in a South African online casino, it’s wise to choose a casino with lower betting limits. This will allow you to play longer without breaking the budget. As a beginner, you’ll also be able to bet on either the red or black for each spin.

Can I play on a mobile?

Because so many online casino users are choosing to play on mobile devices, more sites are offering live dealer play on mobile. This feature will most likely be displayed prominently on home pages.

Is it fixed?

If you are playing roulette with a live dealer through a licensed and regulated website, the game should not be fixed. Look for websites that have been tested by independent bodies to ensure their gameplay is fair.